Monday, November 14, 2005

No Hits 11.14.05 + Chicago Week contest

Dirty Old Dog - The M's

2 x 2 - The M's

Growing up, I was surrounded by families with older boys--all at least four years my senior. Directly across the street lived your classic privileged suburban brat. One fine spring evening, he wrapped his father's weeks-old Porsche around a tree, emerging completely unscathed (the car was totaled). To our left was the model son--a scholar and athlete who ended up at Yale where he played football and eventually went to medical school. And on our right lived "Tommy," a kid who listened to loud rock n' roll, discovered drugs early and got his girlfriend pregnant at 17 (he may have even played the guitar). Can you guess which one was the source of my preteen obsession? One of the few cooperative gestures on Tommy's part was mowing his parent's lawn once a week or so in the summer. He'd be out there pushing the mower, shirtless, tanned, wearing cutoffs and battered sneakers, blasting the Stones or T. Rex (there you go, Jon!) or similar down n' dirty music. I'd always find some excuse to sunbathe in our yard in skimpy tops my mom assured me I'd never wear in public. As he made his rounds, Tommy might had acknowledged me with the occasional, cool nod. But I was a 12, 13-year old kid. What was I compared with his willing, 16-year old girlfriend?

This trip down memory lane has a point. The M's are from the city of Chicago proper, but boy, do they remind me of that suburban rebel--rebellious boys everywhere, really. Isn't that what 60s and 70s-worshipping garage bands are all about? Getting out of the house (even if it's only as far as the garage)--away from nagging, restrictive parents--and making some noise! The M's do the genre extremely proud: Their self-titled album released last year doesn't have a bad track on it. Several, like the two I posted above, are brilliant slices of sexy, insinuating vocals, stabbing rhythms and guitar solos that range from snaky to skronky. Full of cliches, sure. But mighty effective.

I just happen to have an extra copy (new, still wrapped in plastic) of this excellent M's album and am giving it away to the first person who can accurately answer our Chicago Week indie rock trivia question. Jon, authority on all things Shellac, came up with this puppy and assures me it's real obscure. Here goes:

At what Chicago establishment (bar and/or music venue) did Shellac play its first show?

A caveat: The band may not have been calling itself Shellac at the time. And, we reserve the right to be completely wrong (but believe we're completely right). If you think you know the answer or just wanna take a guess, email us at Please put "contest" in the subject line. Do not leave your guess in the comments section--it won't count.

As I said, the first correct answer wins. If no one answers correctly, we'll award the CD to the third wrong answerer (just cuz I like the number three). We will ship anywhere in the world. Two limitations: You can't know any of us personally (sorry, friends), and you must get your guess in by midnight, U.S. Central Time on Thursday (Nov. 17). We'll reveal the answer on Friday.


Blogger mornview said...

Ah, The M's are great. Wise investment on Polyvinyl's part in signing them.

Anyone reading this who doesn't already have the record should definetely enter; the record is worth it.

6:49 PM  
Anonymous JimmyZ said...

Agreed-good album. Great live too.

10:44 AM  
Blogger -tr0y- said...

such a great idea amy--proud to be loosely associated with this site :)

1:53 PM  

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