Sunday, November 06, 2005

Rough Trade covers

Rough Trade 25th Anniversary CompilationI hit the record store this weekend (Reckless in Wicker Park) and picked up some new releases that I'll probably talk about soon. And got some good used buys as well, including Rough Trade's 25th anniversary Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before (US, UK) covers compilation.

It's an unusually rich comp--featuring new Rough Trade bands covering old Rough Trade bands--so I'll share a bunch of tracks. Normally I limit downloads from any one album, but I figure the whole point of this kind of record is to turn you on to featured artists.

Dunes - Hidden Cameras (The Clean)

Tell Me - The Tyde (Galaxie 500)

Last Nite - The Detroit Cobras (The Strokes)

Lions After Slumber - The Veils (Scritti Politti)

Winter - The Fiery Furnaces (The Fall)

Final Day - Belle & Sebastian (Young Marble Giants)

I wasn't familiar with The Tyde and had to learn more about any band that chose to cover one of my all-time favorite songs. The Tyde's Southern California-based, and led by Darren Rademaker, who used to front 90s underground act Further with brother Brent. Brent also plays in The Tyde and leads Beechwood Sparks. Rademaker and Co. play pretty much what you'd expect from surfer boys (and one girl)--sunny, laid back pop with country and blues touches. The band's finishing up a third LP with an expected release date of early 2006.

Go Ask Yer Dad - The Tyde

All My Bastard Children - The Tyde

Blood Brothers - The Tyde

The Tyde


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Thanks! Any chance you could post the Fall cover again mate? Dying to hear it.

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