Saturday, July 19, 2008

Red eye

Image: aptrick

Lotus Flower - One Little Plane

Image: Lauren Greenfield

Your Red Dress - Alaska in Winter

Image: Michele Valdez

Who Loves the Sun
- Velvet Underground

From Loaded (Amazon)

Image: Bea Fremderman

Last November
- Lackthereof


Image: Benjamin Donaldson

Blind Lead the Blind
- John Matthias

Image: Elspeth Diederix

The Swimming Song - Vetiver

Zip file of July mix

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Image: Nesta

Half an Apple - Hospitality
Despite a "you" address, this song is an internal monologue, a desperate reach for fleeting thoughts and places buzzing by -- wading boots, pennies, traffic on the bridge, half an apple to eat while you wait. With flesh not brown and grainy like that of every other cracked-open pomme in this world, but as white and crisp as the second you sliced it on a scarred wooden board at half past eight this morning. In all the blur and flux, this half apple is a still point, a portal. And the could be a Woolf novel. It could be from anytime in the last 60, oh 70 years.

You can download a few more Hospitality songs at their Myspace.

The Gift of Song in the Lion's Den - The Lord Dog Bird
Within every noisy psych-art-rock guitarist is trapped a 4-track bedroom taper. Meet Colin McCann, also of Wilderness. Here, his playing, the production, is appropriately humble, but his subject and melody strain at the leash, yearning for the volley of reverb, the fury of drums, a big booming mania of vocals. Within every 4-track bedroom taper is trapped a noisy psych-art-rock guitarist.

The self-titled album will be released in August (pre-order from Amazon). And if you don't already own it, pick up a copy of Wilderness' first record (Amazon, eMusic). It's phenomenal.