Monday, May 18, 2009


It's time. I always said that when Shake Your Fist became more obligation than pleasure, I would quit. Even if I could make time to write posts, I don't have the hours to deal with all the peripherals (emails, hosting, site upkeep, PR people, blog networking, etc.). And four years is enough.

Thank you to my dear friends Jon and Joe for their early contributions and continuing support. Thanks to those fellow mp3 bloggers who, to my astonishment, took me and this little site seriously. I can't possibly express how much I appreciate the affirmation and friendship. Thank you to the artists who make the music that constantly inspired SYF. And, most of all, thanks to those of you who checked in regularly and read the stuff and nonsense I posted, downloaded the mp3s, commented and generally made the whole endeavor worthwhile.

Don't worry, I'm still around the web, writing album and track reviews for Pitchfork and blogging (just images) about art/craft/design/style at just three things.

Thanks again and best to you all!