Saturday, November 05, 2005

Pleasure and pain, mostly pleasure

WildernessI know I'm coming late to this party, but damn, if Wilderness' self-titled debut album isn't brilliant. It sat on my iPod for a couple months, but when I finally listened to it all the way through, I had to do it over and over obsessively. This is a slightly masochistic act on my part, because Wilderness makes suffocating music--dense and crushing, almost airless--but intensely pleasurable at the same time. To get the full effect, you have to turn the volume way, way up . . . and just submit.

PopMatters explains it very well here.

Marginal Over - Wilderness

Karamelo Santo

Sylvie from Baby Borderline emailed me about Karamelo Santo, an Argentinean band she works with. I'm sorry to say I don't know the first thing about South American rock, so contextualizing this is a challenge and, of course, I don't understand the lyrics cuz I don't speak Spanish. But considering certain events now occurring in Argentina, it seems like a timely thing to post.

The seven-piece band, who've been together for 10 years, have some good tracks--full of ska rhythms and blues influences. Perfect party fodder.

Fruta Amarga - Karamelo Santo

Tu Pa Mi - Karamelo Santo

Great Chicago label Thrill Jockey just relaunched a brand spankin new Web site. Still not generous with the mp3s. But there are a few treats to be had, including a WNUR session with Mouse On Mars and videos from folks like Tortoise and Arizona Amp and Alternator. And this live track from Freakwater:

Lullaby - Freakwater

Tom Verlaine - Warm and CoolOne of Thrill Jockey's newest records is the rerelease of Tom Verlaine's 1992 instrumental album, Warm and Cool. It's an essential listen for newbie fans of post-rock, experimental and jazz-influenced rock sounds from the Television pioneer.

The Deep Dark Clouds - Tom Verlaine


Blogger Ekko said...

great minds think alike. love the morphine post, too

12:42 PM  
Blogger BabyBorderline said...

Thanks a lot, Amy! :) I will to send you some links from south american bands. I work with Karamelo Santo, but I am a journalist, so I always own new stuff. Different as Karamelo Santo, you know. There´s too bands I´d like you to know: Los Alamos (a folk band, seens like a US folk band, they are amazing) and Rubin (sounds like Elvis Costello and Teenage Fanclub). Thanks a lot for your help. Happy weekend!

10:00 AM  

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