Thursday, October 27, 2005


Considering its aesthetic similarities to mainstream pop successes like The Shins and Death Cab For Cutie, and considering it's on Death Cab's old record label Barsuk, Aveo doesn't seem to get much attention. To date, the Seattle trio has released two long players--the most recent, Battery (US, UK) was produced by Phil Ek.

I downloaded these tracks from the label's Web site, and to me they sound as catchy and radio-ready (depending, of course, on your radio station) as anything by The Shins or this month's blogger buzz band, Rogue Wave. And hey, good song titles! But you can decide for yourself:

The Idiot On The Bike - Aveo

Dust That Dreams of Brooms - Aveo

Check Barsuk's site for an additional song off Battery.

And speaking of Phil Ek, aren't we due a new Built To Spill record? The band's Web site says the next one's going to be released in Fall 2005. Which is like . . . now. Plus, they're currently touring in support of, what, Ancient Melodies of the Future (2001)? If there are release-related snafus, someone please enlighten me.

I was listening to Ancient Melodies again this afternoon and all I can say is: What a good record. Like all of them, actually. According to my calculations, BTS should be the most popular band in the universe. You've got pop chops for melodicists like me, guitar wankery galore for your classic rock fans, noise and fuzz for traditional indie rockers and oft-brilliant lyrics for the poets.

In Your Mind - Built To Spill


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yay, a seattle band that doesn't suck! thanks!

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