Wednesday, November 02, 2005

More shambles

And speaking of rough-hewn (see Monday) . . . I'm on some sort of roots kick this week. Does one crave "authenticity" when the weather turns somber and night starts falling at 5:00 pm? Maybe it's because I'm feeling very tired and overworked. Whatever it is, The Baptist Generals sound right.

No Silver No GoldThe band formed in 1998 in Denton, Texas and that's where they've stayed. AllMusic uses a lot of alluring adjectives to describe their 2003 album No Silver/No Gold (US, UK): strange, personal, threadbare, shambling, strummy, fresh, vital, ornery, uncomfortable, ugly, angry, brave, distinctive, utterly unhinged. I'd add: possessed. If a man could birth a changeling or other dubious spawn, it would probably sound like Chris Flemmons' agonized vocals.

Going Back Song - Baptist Generals

Alcohol (Turn and Fall) - Baptist Generals

Oddly enough, these guys are signed to Sub Pop. Their rudimentary (naturally) Web site reports that they're finishing up a new record.


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