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I feel like we've been laying some heavy stuff on you lately and you may be in need of some pretty pop songs. Maritime delivers. The new project of Davey Von Bohlen and Dan Didier of The Promise Ring and Eric Exelson of Dismemberment Plan, the guys in Maritime are, not surprisingly, a lot more mature sounding than younger, less seasoned indie pop players. A cleverly titled song "Sleep Around" isn't so much about sleeping around, as, you know, getting some sleep. And Maritime understands how precise and detailed arrangements, not to mention a spotless production (courtesy of Jawbox leadman turned recording engineer J. Robbins) can only reinforce strong melodic lines.

To be fair, not every fledgling band gets fronted the cash to make a nice-sounding record. Maritime was tentatively signed to major indie Anti- before that label passed on the product that became Glass Floor (US, UK). Never fear, fine little DeSoto Records came to the rescue. The band has a new record, We Are Vehicles, that's currently available in Europe, but is rather mysteriously not for sale in the states until early 2006. I can't say I'm dying to pay import prices, so I'm waiting.

Sleep Around - Maritime

If All My Days Go By - Maritime

I Used To Be A Singer - Maritime

There's an abundance of perfectly unpretentious, super-catchy pop going around these days (putting me in a very good mood indeed). Like a lot of people, I fell head over heels in love with The Clientele's single "Since K Got Over Me" a couple months ago. I've since picked up the band's earlier Suburban Light (US, UK) and now have this short, sweet, delicate, gauzy, achingly lovely gem on heavy rotation:

Rain - The Clientele


Blogger mornview said...

Great selections; love both bands. I haven't heard The Clientele's new record (though I know it's gotten fantastic reviews), but I loved the singles collection they put out a while back.

I'm just surprised to see someone talking about Maritime ... seemed like that record flew under the radar pretty quick ...

ps: this is seriously one of the best MP3 blogs on the internet. Been meaning to reply to say that for ages now. Keep it up!

10:15 PM  

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