Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Writing on the walls

Bedroom Walls, an unassuming indie pop act from Los Angeles, is almost exactly what you think it is: a private, lo-fi world of wistful diary lyrics, muffled vocals and narcoleptic tempos. The band refers to its sound as romanticore. And if you read their description of this concept--hell, let's call it what it is, a marketing brand--you might be tempted to write off the latest group to confuse adolescent angst and ironi-sophistication for profudity. (The last paragraph of The Great Gatsby? "Trying to cry/trying not to cry?" Jacques Brel? Quel embarrassment.)

I understand your impulse. But hold on a sec. If you don't mind the tweeness, Bedroom Walls' little songs are seductive. "Do The Buildings and Cops Make You Smile," with its pretty guitar arpeggio, is a standout single. Apparently the folks at USA Network thought so too, because the song has been featured on The 4400. (As a former X-Files devotee, I've sort of been tempted to get into that show. But I already watch too much T.V. and can't afford to get hooked on another series.) The song also appears on the band's 2003 release I Saw You Coming Back to Me. "In Anticipation Of Your Suicide" is a demo from a forthcoming LP.

Do The Buildings and Cops Make You Smile (mp3) - Bedroom Walls

Winter, That's All (mp3) - Bedroom Walls

In Anticipation Of Your Suicide (mp3) - Bedroom Walls

And because everyone loves a Pixies cover:

Hey (mp3) - Bedroom Walls


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good post amy!! never heard of them and LIKE it a ton! narcoleptic tempo--very funny.

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