Friday, September 16, 2005

Music for the morning after

Morning After Girls

If you've read many of my posts, you know I love pop music--pop plus noise--but still pop. (I blame my dad for playing all those Beatles and Beach Boys records when I was young. And really, if you had to choose a formative musical experience, could you choose better?) So of course I love Rainbow Quartz Records whose tag line reads "your source for perfect guitar pop." But you need more than a fine mission statement, it still takes good taste to vault a label into the leagues of say, Merge. Rainbow Quartz is getting there.

One of their latest signings is The Morning After Girls, an extremely promising Australian psychedelic pop band. "Run For Our Lives" sounds like an outtake from 13 Tales From Urban Bohemia or a more polished offering from The Brian Jonestown Massacre (same diff, really). Not coincidentally, the Girls (four guys and a girl) have or will play opening slots for both the Dandys and BJM. "Hi Skies," shows a noisier, more anarchic side to the band, reminding me a lot of Sonic Youth when they're bothering to be melodic. If you happen to be attending CMJ in New York, the band kicks off the Rainbow Quartz showcase tonight at 7:00.

Run For Our Lives (mp3) - The Morning After Girls

Hi Skies (mp3) - The Morning After Girls


Straight Thru You Windows Real

Hidden Spaces Windows Real

More videos here.


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