Tuesday, September 06, 2005



I can't figure out why Uncut isn't more popular. The band's got that ultra-fashionable early 80's-inspired post-punk sound the kids love, they have some good songs and--this could be the biggie--they're from Canada (Toronto). Maybe it's because Uncut started life as a techno act before steering a more accessible indie rock route and people are still trying to catch up. . .

This stuff is totally derivative, stealing wholesale from Joy Division and New Order. (But the same can be said of Interpol, right?) And I'm not sure if Uncut knows yet whether it wants to be an arty dance-punk outfit or a riff-happy rock n' roll band. Whatever. Thanks to a crack rhythm section, these songs move. Enjoy and don't think about it too much.

Understanding The New Violence (mp3) - Uncut

Buried With Friends (mp3) - Uncut

Taken In Sleep (mp3) - Uncut

Day Breaks Red Light (mp3) - Uncut

All appear on Those Who Were Hung Hang Here.

Uncut may get some good exposure soon. They start a short tour supporting Bob Mould in late September, playing several dates in the midwestern U.S. (including Chicago's Metro September 29 and 30). Would Bob steer you wrong?


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