Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Bandwidth bash

Thanks to my conservation efforts, we've managed not to exceed our August bandwidth limit as I feared we would. In fact, we've got a nice little cushion right now. So, what the hell--I'll post some fairly random stuff that'll be popular. Back to bands you've never heard of on the first of the month. (A joke.)

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, if you don't own The Stone Roses' self-titled album, you don't deserve to call yourself a rock fan. (Don't make me come to your home.) But what about the Roses' other stuff? Honestly, unless you're a die-hard, you can live without Second Coming--surely one of the biggest disappointments in the history of recorded music.

However, the band loosed a number of worthy singles on the world before and after their masterful debut. Originally released in 1985, "Tell Me" is actually the B-side to "So Young," and, in my opinion, a better song. "Sally Cinnamon," originally came out in 1987. Both are collected on The Complete Stone Roses (the album may not be for purists since some of the tracks are edited for space). And then I've added a fab 808 State remix of "Made of Stone." (With a little effort, you can find that remix album floating around the Web.)

Tell Me (mp3) - The Stone Roses

Sally Cinnamon (mp3) - The Stone Roses

Made of Stone (808 State remix) (mp3) - The Stone Roses

Normally I can't get behind Conor Oberst (the exception might be "Lover I Don't Have To Love"). But Oberst plus Britt Daniel? I'd listen with rapt attention if Daniel decided to release an album of nursery rhymes. So yes, of course the duo's split CD for Post-Parlo Records interests me. Especially this tune, which I estimate is 90% Daniel/10% Oberst.

Let The Distance Bring Us Together (mp3) - Bright Eyes and Britt Daniel

Caribou is one of those subjects that's borderline overblogged, and therefore something I'd normally avoid. But I don't want to surprise you when The Milk of Human Kindness ends up in my year-end top 10 (possibly top 20--we'll see what else comes out in the remaining four months of the year). This may be the best cut, though the record is a goldmine.

Yeti (mp3) - Caribou


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