Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Cabaret punk

Eva Destruction & Her Big Band

We've all heard unfortunate covers of punk classics and at least a few decent ones. (I once saw a long-forgotten Chicago band play a slow, acoustic version of pop-punk anthem "Slack Motherfucker" that was sheer genius. Think about it for a second.) But when's the last time you heard oh, I don't know, Black Flag or the Sex Pistols interpreted cabaret style? Chicago artists Eva Destruction and Her Big Band are here to remedy that.

Eva and her "band"--musical partner Gary Indiana--reinvent the punk canon with surprisingly enjoyable results. Eva's voice sounds trained, but not so much that these tunes come off as parody or camp. And Indiana's instrumentation, favoring the banjo, is understated. So finally you'll hear the once-inscrutable lyrics of songs you thought you knew so well.

Submission (Sex Pistols) (mp3) - Eva Destruction and Her Big Band

Die Die My Darling (The Misfits) (mp3) - Eva Destruction and Her Big Band

Bloodstains (Agent Orange) (mp3) - Eva Destruction and Her Big Band


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