Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The last taboo

I'm reeling from reading this interview with David Berman of Silver Jews. I mean, have you ever, ever heard any musician talk so openly and in such detail about money? Forget the drug problem--everyone's got an addiction story these days (though to give credit where credit is due, Berman managed to concoct a pretty novel blend of poisons). And I think we're all weary from hearing about other people's political views, religious beliefs and sex lives. Granted, I'm speaking as a relatively jaded, urban-dwelling American. But where I come from, money's the last taboo--making this shocking stuff indeed.

Berman sounds like someone who's reached a point in his life where's he's not interested in bullshitting anymore and wants to lay it on the table. I like the way he slags "Everybody Hurts," too. (Just this weekend I was trying to convince a friend that it's the most embarrassing song ever written by once-credible artists.) Anyway, the advance word on the Silver Jews' Tanglewood Numbers--due in October on Drag City--is that it's excellent. I'm sure the album has leaked somewhere, but I don't know where and probably wouldn't tell if I did (but feel free to email me if you do).

This song has always killed me, especially because it shape-shifts halfway through:

New Orleans (mp3) - Silver Jews

See also a live performance (wmv) of "New Orleans." And more mp3s on the band's Web site.

Last week I posted a Teenage Fanclub cover of Madonna's "Like A Virgin" that people seemed to like (or like to download). Without even trying, I just came across another good Madonna cover, this time of my--probably everyone's--favorite Madonna tune:

Like A Prayer (mp3) - The Rondelles

The Rondelles appear to have broken up (reading through the lines on the Teenbeat Records site), but were a D.C. 60s girl group-inspired punk band. You can find more fun mp3s on the band's site, including this hand-clapping singalong.

Safety In Numbers (mp3) - The Rondelles


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