Thursday, August 04, 2005

Mangum emerges . . . sort of

Everyone's all atizzy over this (also here and photos here). I have to admit, had I been there, tears would've been streaming down my face too. Cuz, you know, this guy's work has meant a whole lot to me since I first heard On Avery Island eight or nine years ago. And I know a lot of you feel the same. So let me say this: Jeff, if creating music makes you happy, if playing with your friends brings you such joy, if the warm welcome of the crowd means anything to you, please return to it.

There could hardly be a more anticipated album than a follow-up to Aeroplane. Which is probably exactly what scares Mangum so damn much (and who can blame him?). That and all the creepy, adoring fans (ahem).

From the early cassettes Beauty and Hype City Soundtrack:

Circle of Friends (mp3) - Neutral Milk Hotel

Wood Guitar (mp3) - Neutral Milk Hotel


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