Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Main line from Sweden

The Mainliners
. . . Five young men with a small town depression and a common obsession to conquer the world with their full out blistering rock 'n' roll music. Together they decided to spawn the beast to the modern man mostly known as THE MAINLINERS.
-Mainliners bio

Like compatriots The Hives and The International Noise Conspiracy, Sweden's The Mainliners are--rather unironically it seems--attempting to breathe new life into the near-corpse known as garage rock. Their bluesy, rough and tumble approach and occasionally melodramatic arrangements (check the vocals and organ in Dead Man's Hall) reveal influences from The Animals and Zombies to The Stooges and MC5. Works for me.

The band's got a rep as a raucous live act, and though it looks like they've completed their short U.S. tour, those of you on the other side of the big pond might want to watch for local dates in the coming year.

From the debut album Bring on The Sweetlife:

Bring On The Sweetlife (mp3) - The Mainliners

Dead Man's Hall (mp3) - The Mainliners

Queen Sativa (mp3) - The Mainliners


Boom Boom (mp3) - The Animals

Die, All Right! (mp3) - The Hives


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