Sunday, July 24, 2005

Free rides on Sunday

Just a quick one to introduce you to a stunning little alt-country tune that just begs for a long, hot Sunday afternoon in which to enjoy it.

Michigan's Flashpapr has seen its lineup shuffle over the years, but currently features musicians from Saturday Looks Good To Me, Ida and His Name is Alive. I love the way Free Rides On The Bus, with its good-natured guitar strum, sympathetic violins and scratchy, winsome vocals, so vividly evokes a lumbering bus on a dusty country road .

Free Rides On The Bus (mp3) - Flashpapr

Also from Flashpapr:

Leave The Place (mp3) - Flashpapr

Skipped (mp3) - Flashpaper

You can buy the band's self-titled album at Insound.


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