Thursday, July 07, 2005

London mourning

I'm sad as hell about the events in London earlier today (and think I speak for the rest of the team at SYF as well). I've lived in London, not too far from Russell Square, in fact. And given the right opportunity would live there again. That these fanatics could seek to crush the spirit of such an amazing, vibrant city is both infuriating and incomprehensible.

Does music help when you're grieving? It's always a lift when you're a little blue, but truly demoralized . . . I don't know. Here's trying.

Teardrop (mp3) - Massive Attack

England Made Me (mp3) - Black Box Recorder (Jo, if you're reading, thanks for this track.)

Best wishes to everyone in Britain tonight and in the difficult days to come.


Anonymous Neil said...

Best SYF so far. Partly because I like that it takes a different tack than to say that because something horrible has happened, we shouldn't do something as trivial as share music and our thought about it with one another. And partly because it made me think about "Teardrop" in a different way. Coincidentally, I'd heard that song on Friday morning before I read your post and was thinking about how much I love it every time I hear it. But then I listened to it again after your post and it was a sadder, richer experience. Thanks.

10:14 AM  

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