Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Paste that sticks

I don't normally pick up Paste magazine. But I was in Borders this past Saturday buying the obligatory Harry Potter and needed to purchase at least $4 more of goods to exhaust a gift card I'd been carrying around. I figured if nothing else, the free CD might expose me to a few artists I wouldn't otherwise hear. And it did. Left entirely to my own devices, I might just dig my own little power pop hole and permanently crawl in. But most of the stuff that grabbed me from this collection was anything but pop.

Matisyahu I'd heard of him, but nothing quite prepared me for the sound of Matisyahu, an Hasidic hip-hop/reggae performer. Yes, you read right. Matisyahu Miller and his band already have a devoted following in New York and few other spots and are probably soon to conquer the rest of the world touring with Trey Anastasio. The bio on Matisyahu's site is pretty interesting.

Heights (mp3) - Matisyahu

The Last Town Chorus, a subtle, folky Americana oufit reminds me a bit of the Cowboy Junkies. Consisting of lap steel player/singer Megan Hickey and Nat Guy on vibrato guitar, they've opened for Hem and The Jayhawks. For list maniacs: Hickey drew up one of her favorite albums for Dusted. (No real shockers.)

Change Your Mind (mp3) - The Last Town Chorus

Bonus of some unexpected covers:

Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (mp3) - The Last Town Chorus

Modern Love (mp3) - The Last Town Chorus

Talk about blue-eyed soul; yep, Kyle Riabko's a white boy, and only 17 at that. I find his Web site mildly irritating. He's being packaged for sure, but that doesn't have to matter if the music's good.

What Did I Get Myself Into (mp3) - Kyle Riabko

Inara George
Inara George is the progeny of Little Feat guitarist/singer Lowell George (who died when she was only five) and the product of a bohemian Topanga Canyon childhood. Thankfully, this isn't hippie music--more along the lines of urban coffeehouse girl-with-a-guitar stuff. But, you know, without being annoying. Merch alert: George's site sells pretty, floaty scarfs for a very affordable $12!

Genius (mp3) - Inara George

Live at Stubb's
The Last Town Chorus,
The Last Town Chorus
Kyle Riabko,
Before I Speak
Inara George,
All Rise


Blogger AG said...

oy veh!

3:52 PM  
Blogger -tr0y- said...

as always amy--stellar. i've seen Matisyahu a little dive in Chicago actually that i had never been to before--he's actually really really good!! there are a couple bootlegs floating around that don't capture the vibe well enough--check him out if you can. keep the good songs coming--and thank SO MUCH for the kind stuff you said on my blog. a better thank you is to come.....

12:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Last Town Chorus' version of "Modern Love" is a note for note copy of Astrid Young's cover of the song from the Bowie tribute album "Spiders from Venus". Listen here:

12:00 PM  

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