Monday, August 01, 2005

No Hits 8.1.05

Park Avenue (mp3) - The A-Sides

Copping to influences like the Beatles, Beach Boys, Kinks, Olivia Tremor Control, Neutral Milk Hotel and The Shins, The A-Sides actually remind me more of faithful 60s psychedelic pop revivalists like Beulah and The Lilys. But I swear they swiped the opening riff of Park Avenue from the Stones. Whatever (I realize how boring spot-the-influence is)--these Philadelphia boys have got a great single on their hands, distinguished by an effortless-sounding melody, big power chords, plush harmonies and a confident rhythm section.They deserve attention outside their home town, so give it to them.

Wanna know more about The A-Sides? Philadelphia Weekly has a good article.

A-SidesAlso from debut LP Hello, Hello (only $10 at Amazon--and what fabulous cover art!):

Sidewalk Chalk (mp3) - The A-Sides

Here or There (mp3) - The A-Sides

And by way of comparison:

Burned By The Sun (mp3) - Beulah

A Nanny In Manhattan (mp3) - The Lilys


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