Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Capitol Years

Capitol Years

Instead of trying to tell you what The Capitol Years sound like, I'm stealing this great description from AllMusic: "a cohesive blend of intelligent '60s rock and power pop that sounds like an extension of New Pornographer A.C. Newman's Slow Wonder as played by Cheap Trick." You could add a slew of obvious influences, including the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Creedence Clearwater Revival and of course, the Velvet Underground (the last could be said of practically everyone, except that Capitol Years covered "All Tomorrow's Parties" on their first record.)

Capitol Years started out as the solo project of Philadelphian Shai Halperin and has, by the third LP, Let Them Drink, morphed into a full-blown band. Which seems to suit it. Even though the strong songwriting is there, earlier 4-track recordings sound somewhat unrealized. But "Let Them Drink" off the latest, is an expansive soundscape of intense acoustic strumming and perfect three-part harmonies. "Watch It Not End" is a more laidback country and blues-influenced affair.

Let Them Drink (mp3) - The Capitol Years

Watch It Not End (Stones) (mp3) - The Capitol Years

And from earlier releases Pussyfootin and Meet Yr Acres (buy on the band's Web site):

Talk Walk (mp3) - The Capitol Years

Faces and Beer (mp3) - The Capitol Years

Here Comes (mp3) - The Capitol Years


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