Monday, September 12, 2005

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Over My Shoulder (mp3) - I Am Kloot

I love songs. I appreciate good production, but I love songs. I'm constantly looking for artists that have recordings that are filled with more than riffs or studio tricks.

In '01, I found I Am Kloot. They have songs!!

I'm a sucker for just about every musical expression from Manchester (Badly Drawn Boy, Doves, Elbow, Starsailor... the list is long enough to warrant its own post) and Kloot is no exception. Their roomy recordings highlight the simple yet appropriate interplay of the three-piece that supports Bramwell's vocals. As a frontman, Bramwell's beat-up romanticism is endearing, but also self-depricating and, at times, shockingly confessional. Peter Jobson (bass) and Andy Hargreaves (drums), along with Bramwell's guitar, provide a spacious foundation that rarely intrudes on the universally-shared experiences the listener is being reminded of.

The newest record, Gods & Monsters, reveals a more expansive and fuller sound from the boys. There are more atmospheric keyboard textures present, but the the efficiency of their two previous records still rules. "We spend more time taking things out of our music than adding to it and that way you get the lyrics that I'm interested in….fate, love and becoming recklessly abandoned," Bramwell has said. Still, there's a confident swagger on this recording. Songs like "
Over My Shoulder" demonstrates this understated yet confident swing. The record has a folk vibe, but is mixed with some atmospheric teasing and moments of meandering. At the end of the day (or record I suppose...), the strong songs of Bramwell are the most impressive and exciting aspects.

("No Fear Of Falling" is the first Kloot song I ever heard and "To You", with its Thom Yorke-like vocals on the chorus, remains one of my favorites)

No Fear of Falling (mp3) - I Am Kloot

To You (mp3) - I Am Kloot


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