Friday, September 23, 2005

Call the cops

The Cops

So when I came across Seattle band The Cops, my first thought was, I can't believe no one's used the name before. Turns out, there's an Australian band called The Cops and they seem to enjoy a fairly high profile in their home country. I'm not a music industry lawyer (don't worry--I'm not a lawyer at all), but something tells me one or the other band is gonna have to add "US" or "AU" to their name. (Remember Charlatans UK?) Maybe we can organize a battle of the bands and let them duke it out, musically speaking.

But that's neither here nor there--the American Cops have some songs you would like. "Protection Act" and "Working The Wall" off their first EP Why Kids Go Wrong, owe an obvious debt to The Clash. "Protection" in particular has the Clash's ragged reggae rhythms, punchy guitar work and strident vocals. But I also hear SoCal hardcore like Bad Religion in the earnest melodic punk elements of "Wall" (go to to band's site to download) and "Living With A Ghost." The Cops' full-length Get Good Or Stay Bad (pre-order through Mt. Fuji Records) will be released in November.

Protection Act (mp3) - The Cops

Living With A Ghost (mp3) - The Cops

The Guns of Brixton (mp3) - The Clash

What Can You Do? (mp3) - Bad Religion


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