Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Something completely different

A post on Swen’s Blog led me to Koolarrow Records, a fascinating label run by former Faith No More bassist Billy Gould. Gould signs artists who represent "real world music”—Spanish hip-hop, Danish experimental pop, Mexican death metal—as well as some curious hybrids. Koolarrow’s also got a few more predictable acts like Seattle-based Hog Molly, the current home of Tad Doyle, who some of you might remember as leadman for early Sub Pop act Tad. The site’s full of free downloads. Here’s a couple of my faves:

Latvian Lovers/Not From There
Not From There (Austrian-Australian)

Sticky Wes (mp3)

Lounge Anthem (mp3)

Engine Machine/Dureforsog
Dureforsog (Danish)

Interlude (mp3)

Living In Vain (mp3)

And unrelated: NME keeps fuelling rumors that The Stone Roses are getting back together. I guess if bands with as much internal discord as Dino Jr and The Pixies can reunite in the name of cash, The Stone Roses can too. The thing is, the band had a rep for putting on crap live shows the first time around. Can you even imagine what they’ll sound like as a nostalgia act? Ugh. (And this is coming from someone who counts their debut as almost certainly her favorite album of all time. This pretty well summarizes how I feel about it.)

Also, more hate for Wal-Mart. Plus, a trailer for the new documentary on that evil empire, Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price.


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