Friday, May 27, 2005

Stuff to kill a slow Friday afternoon

Andrew Earles is a rock critic who writes, among other things, a hilarious column for Magnet, livening up what might otherwise be a pretty dull mag. What separates him from a lot of music scribes is that he's both discriminating (definitely not a fanboy and in fact refers to himself as a "hater") and passionate about what he loves. By that I mean he doesn't resort to irony and general snarkiness as emotional distancing devices. Earles has a blog, where he recently posted something that should make those of us who've worked both sides of the writer/editor fence cringe in horror and recognition. Also see Earles' surprisingly poignant love letter to Dinosaur Jr's You're Living All Over Me at Perfect Sound Forever.

If you're obsessed with self-evaluation (and who isn't?) check out the BBC Web site for a
whole psychological battery, including a morals, disgust and personality test. I find it fascinating how I always get the same personality assessment--and usually pretty accurate--no matter what the test and how much I try to fudge my answers. Here's some "Big Thinker" characteristics (those who know me personally will love this): This chatty group enjoys a good debate and asserting their opinions. Sometimes others may find the way they express their ideas too abrupt or challenging. In situations where they can't use their talents or are unappreciated, Big Thinkers may be rude, critical of others or rebellious.

Chicago's still trying to live down the ignominy of being named
U.S. Murder Capital a couple years ago (not simply per-capita, mind you, but absolutely). Finally, we can enjoy some good news. Wag your tail in civic pride!


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