Thursday, May 12, 2005

Rosebud Was a Joystick

The next generation of video game consoles (to be released in 2005 and 2006) are so powerful that the cost of writing code that takes proper advantage (spray of blood particle physics engines; 17 million polygon cleavage wireframes; photo-realistic zombie entrail rendering) is skyrocketing. Math isn't just hard, kids, it's also expensive. As a result, the only titles getting greenlighted are sequels of successful games or licenses of popular films. Sequels, licensing and special effects... somehow, George Lucas must be to blame for this. And there's no Tom Stoppard re-write on the horizon.

It would be bad enough if the studios were content to base games on B-movies like The Matrix and Chronicles of Riddick. Unfortunately, it appears that there's no franchise more lucrative than legendary, Academy Award winning films. Which is why you'll soon be treated to first person shooter and Grand Theft Auto inspired versions of Scarface and The Godfather (I wouldn't mind so much if it were Godfather III. I'd be willing to plunk down $39.99 to wack Sophia.). And don't forget upcoming video game rendition of Taxi Driver, in which Travis Bickle, Luigi and Mario rescue the teen hooker from the clutches of Bowser, her fireball tossing dragon pimp.

At this rate, we ought to see a Sims-like version of Schindler's List sometime next year.


Blogger Amy said...

Funny you should mention George Lucas. As O.C. watchers know (and I know you're not one of them, Matt) Seth pitched Atomic County to Mr. Lucas just this evening. Seth, of course, realized he'd rather be at the prom with Summer, while Ryan and Marissa made up again (and could those two be any more stiff?)and Sandy's gonna force Kirsten to go to rehab (and I realize she's an addict, but didn't the accident teach her anything?) and Caleb's dead, AND CALEB'S DEAD? Too much excitement--someone slap me!

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