Friday, May 27, 2005

Outlaws Among Us

Friend and colleague, Daniel Padgett sings and plays guitar for Chicago-based Outlaw Family Band. They've recently released their first full-length album CD. Given their regular appearances at local clubs like Schubas Tavern, Metro, and Double Door, I admit I wondered how their well-honed live act would translate to the studio. But with ex-Wilco impresario Jay Bennett at the board, they've wisely chosen to highlight the intimate side of their musical and lyrical talents rather than chase their roadshow vibe. That's not to say the record lacks energy; it rocks just fine thank you very much.

Admitting bias, the high point for me is Light Of My Backdoor, penned and sung by Dan. Unfortunately, this gem is not available for download from the
Outlaw Family Band website, but they do offer the opener Queen of Desire and instrumental Ravenswood Getaway (pt 1), both solid compositions in their own right. If you like what you hear, I encourage you to buy the CD from Slackjaw Records.

It's been great watching this band come together over the years and see their music mature (yeah, I know). With this record as a major milestone in their careers, I can't wait to hear where they go next.


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