Monday, April 03, 2006

No Hits 4.3.06

Chinese Burn - The Len Price 3

Amsterdam - The Len Price 3

A super slice of garage pop in the vein of the Nuggets sets. As much as "Amsterdam" sounds like a time capsule--down to the mono recording and ludicrous maniacal laughter at 1.22--this is from the English band's 2005 Chinese Burn LP (US, UK).

She's Lost Control - The Len Price 3

In the 1980's, the region The Len Price 3 call home, Kent's Medway Delta, nurtured a bunch of fine psychedelic garage revival bands, from the studiously amateurish Billy Childish-affiliates like Pop Rivets and The Milkshakes (aka Mickey and the Milkshakes and Thee Milkshakes), to the more polished and atmospheric rock of The Prisoners and my personal favorites, The Dentists. Crazy as it may seem for a band that's been gone for a good ten years, The Dentists have a MySpace page where you can download a few more tracks and, ya know, make them your friends (please do).

One Day You Die - The Milkshakes

Far Away - The Prisoners

She Dazzled Me With Basil - The Dentists


Blogger Eric said...

glad you enjoyed the Hungry Brain via my rec. Its a chill place with a decent beer lineup. Good jukebox there to. You posted the Milkshakes so I just had to mention that it made me think of the Kelis song "My Milkshake." Go Cubs!

4:57 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

Wow, is it baseball season already? Even though I'm a Cubs fan by virtue of blood and current geography, we here at SYF also support the world champs on the South Side...

9:20 AM  

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