Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Museum Pieces

The Museum Pieces

Philadelphia may seem like an odd choice of a name for the debut LP of one of Halifax, Nova Scotia's most promising new bands. But The Museum Pieces' songwriter and lead singer, Tyler Messick, is originally from Pennsylvania Dutch country. Along with lyrical longings for West Virginia valleys and the Hudson River, Messick has hauled his intelligent, bluesy brand of Americana (heard on his first solo record, Grain Sales of 1940) north and adapted it to a full-band sound that includes psychedelic Eastern-tinged guitar solos, rambling piano lines and distinctive pop hooks. Messick's warm and wobbly tenor recalls a young Neil Young, Sam Beam and many in the current Misra catalogue. It's particularly charming when backed by the grittier vocal stylings of bassist Pamela McInnis (who apparently has now left the group).

The band--which also includes drummer Andy March--run Youth Club Records, where you can order your copy of Philadelphia. And folks attending Canada's Juno Awards in Halifax next weekend should look for The Museum Pieces playing several showcases.

Avalon Sank - The Museum Pieces

Lewis and Clark - The Museum Pieces

It Keeps Me Up - The Museum Pieces

Alone - Tyler Messick

The Gravel Path - Tyler Messick


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