Monday, March 20, 2006

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Off The Page - Kahoots

If Kahoots sounds a little out of time, not quite with it, you can chalk it up to the fact that they're from Martha's Vineyard--a place about which most of us think "vacation spot" not "indie rock hotbed." I've never spent a winter in a summer resort, but I sort of imagine boarded-up buildings, lonely, windswept streets and a gray spitting sea, mocking island-dwellers for their isolation from the mainland. In such a place there'd be little to do but huddle indoors over guitars and bang out warm, jangly pop tunes.

In fact, a galloping backyard romp like "Off the Page," with it's gleeful, low-fi production evokes The Clean and other legendary bands from that island on the opposite side of the world where sheep outnumber humans 20 to one.

While Kahoots has been together for ten years and released six previous albums, they recently put out their first, self-titled, EP for I and Ear Records (home of Mazarin). You can stream it on their MySpace page, then buy it on iTunes. (You will want to buy it.) Kahoots is set to release a full-length album, Fourteen Ghosts, April 25 and play a bunch of New England club dates this spring.


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