Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hearing voices

Medieval choir

La Plus Grant Chiere - The Orlando Consort

Mouth's Cradle - Bjork

Oh, Lady Be Good - Ella Fitzgerald

Harmony - United Sacred Harp Music Association

Hell Hound On My Trail - Robert Johnson

Nail In The Sky - Howe Gelb

Last night I was listening to two of my newest album purchases, The Orlando Consort's Food, Wine & Song and Howe Gelb's 'Sno Angel Like You. They're not connected in any obvious way, but both remind me of something the Medievals knew and we 21st century rockists often forget: The human voice is not just an instrument, it's the most versatile and expressive one of them all.

Food, Wine & Song--Music and Feasting in Renaissance Europe, The Orlando Consort (Amazon: US)
Medulla, Bjork (Amazon: US, UK)
Our Love Is Here To Stay: Ella & Louis Sing Gershwin, Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald (Amazon: US)
In Sweetest Union Join, United Sacred Heart Music Association (iTunes, eMusic)
King of the Delta Blues, Robert Johnson (Amazon: US)
'Sno Angel Like You, Howe Gelb (Amazon: US, UK)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As one of the Orlando Consort I'd just like to say that it's always heartening to know that people are listening to us and enjoying it.

11:20 AM  

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