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I'm not much of a self-promoter, but I thought you might be interested in reading an interview I did with David of Digital Audio Insider. He asked some really intriguing questions about my music listening habits--including how mp3s and iPods have changed them--and about Shake Your Fist. I'm extremely flattered he thought I was worthy of an interview, so if you get a chance, please check it out.

While working on my taxes this afternoon (groan), I was listening to a wonderful little tune from Dear Nora, a band you may know from their recent work with Casiotone For The Painfully Alone. It's a song that doesn't announce it's magic right away, commencing with a skeleton crew of guitar, drum and double-tracked thrift store indie girl vocals. But about a minute in, it sort of blooms, like the chilly tulips planted in front of buildings up and down my block, waiting for the merest hint of spring warmth to unfold.

Sarah You're Not For Me - Dear Nora

This is lovely too:

Here We Come Around Again - Dear Nora

From and A House Full of Friends (US, UK) and Mountain Rock (US, UK).

I've been meaning to mention that a band I wrote up last fall, The Playwrights, have finally released their mini-album English Self Storage in the UK. As I think I've said before, I don't have a lot of patience with most of the current crop of British post-punk bands, but The Playwrights are special. I lent the disc to Jon and he pronounced it "crowded, " but that happens to be what I like about the band: They're highly literate, dense and rich, like a 12 -grain bread with honey and sunflower seeds and other crunchy, yummy goodness. No empty calories here! The US release date isn't for another couple weeks, but Brits can buy the record at your local record stores and from Sink and Stove Records.

Fear of Open Spaces - The Playwrights

Another band I posted about last year, The Black Swans, just released their excellent Sex Brain EP (buy from Insound and iTunes). Pitchfork gave it a highly complimentary review this week, a review that doesn't overstate the lurid sexuality of the record. However, don't even think about sticking it in your seduction toolkit (okay, icky choice of words). It's way too sad and shameful.

Friends - The Black Swans

And just cuz I don't want to send you off without posting a neat weekend dance tune... though if you can dance to the herky-jerky, splatter-you-in-all-directions beat of About's "Strike You As The Enemy," you're a fearless hipster indeed. Assume the snapping fingers position.

Strike You As The Enemy - About

Visit About's Web site.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice post as usual but what caught me was the working on taxes thing.. I feel better that I am not the only one doing the deed at the last minute.. :-)

1:55 PM  
Blogger kickpleat said...

i love dear nora! thanks for posting these new tracks (at least new to me!) and i'll definitely seek out their new projects at the local record store.

3:16 PM  

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