Tuesday, November 22, 2005

On not succeeding brilliantly

This culture puts too much emphasis on follow-through, finishing things, accomplishment, success. What's wrong with just being? So you have this pretty tune in your head and a handful of nonsensical lyrics, and you want to get them out, but you haven't yet worked through the ending. The world says, make it complete, create something whole. Work of Saws ignores these voices, recording tracks that struggle to reach the 2-minute mark, that yearn for meaning, but don't quite get there. And they're marvelous.

Inspired by 60s and 80s pop, 90s low-fi indie rock and certain folk and country traditions, songwriter Brock Davis and his troop of Minneapolis musicians produce sweet singalongs accented by squeaking frets and swathed in tape hiss. At last count (a year ago) they were working on completing a third album. Hope it gets made. If not, this is enough.

Baritone Astronaut Quartet - Work of Saws (highest recommendation)

Bloodflow, I Know You - Work of Saws

Return Of The Return Queen - Work of Saws

Sweetness Follows - Work of Saws

Mt. Vernon - Work of Saws

Visit the band's site for many, many more mp3s

Buy (Amazon appears to have a few used copies):
The Pious Flats
Motivation and Watertower Grammar

Work of Saws


Anonymous Moka said...

Baritone astronaut quartet is beautiful. Nice reccomendation

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