Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Name time

I've always loved the cross-band, cross-time destiny of one Mitchell (first names only among this crowd).

We first meet him in 1982 and he, like his fellows Larry and Suzy, is twisted in a way that Elliott Smith went to great lengths to describe. In fact, Mitchell's case seems to be the most serious of the three, if only because "Get Away," the most poppy of all Flipper songs, begins to befoul itself in a discordant, disorganized way typical of the band soon after he leaves the stage. It seems, by all rights, that the song's narrator is pleading with people who will never do any getting whatsoever.

Much to my surprise then, the urchin resurfaces in 1995, having successfully remade himself into, according to Mudhoney, something far, far worse. I'll let the song speak to Mitchell's particular fate, but know this: there's good reason to believe that Ms. Love is at least a tangential target of Into Your Shtik.

Perhaps this linkage exists sheerly in my overtaxed mind, but there's at least a little bit of circumstantial evidence if you want to press it a bit. Mark Arm is definitely a Flipper fan as wrote the liner notes of their comp Sex Bomb Baby and Cobain wears Flipper's X-aced fish logo in an In Utero photo. Effectively, Arm lets a Cobain favorite do some of his work for him.

Get Away - Flipper

Into Your Shtik - Mudhoney


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