Friday, November 25, 2005

Electric white boy blues

Viva la indie rock!

Whatever that is, right? Whether you want to formulate an aesthetic or ideological definition of the stuff you--at the very least--probably think you know it when you hear it. And I hear it in Chicago's The Narrator, a band that's a virtual map of the American indie rock landscape of the last 15-20 years: from Dinosaur Jr, to Sebadoh, Slint, In On the Kill Taker-era Fugazi, Archers of Loaf circa All the Nation's Airports, Polvo, early Modest Mouse to Les Savy Fav . . . Which isn't to say you should dismiss The Narrator as dated or derivative. Their take on loud, angular, riff-driven post punk is so sincere and intense and high energy it's impossible not to get caught up in the bone-shaking, mind-addling thrill of it all. I've been listening to the band's new LP, Such Triumph (US, UK) for two days straight and have no intention of removing it from my player anytime soon.

New Blood/New Weather - The Narrator

This Party's Over - The Narrator

From earlier releases:

The Cavaliers - The Narrator (strongly recommended)

All Are Assassins - The Narrator

And Sebadoh's classic goof/tribute:

Gimme Indie Rock - Sebadoh

You've probably already guessed that The Narrator begs to be heard live, and the band does in fact have a rep as a brilliant live act. Fortunately for Chicago residents they're playing around town this coming month--December 3 at The Hideout and December 13 at The Abbey Pub.

Such Triumph


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great act and btw what a great blog u have, thanks 4 a lot of good music to listen 2 - u are on my favourites list from now on.
hasta luego,

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