Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Chill insomniac mornings

The Airfields

If You Don't Believe - The Airfields

City-State - The Airfields

The Turning of the Leaves - The Airfields

Dream pop. What an inaccurate name for a genre of music. More like dreamless pop. Because if you're an insomniac, you know this is the sound of utter exhaustion, a semi-hallucinatory fugue state. The contradiction of perfect clarity and blurred edges. Toronto's The Airfields put it this way:

Because we are without sleep, we are well-acquainted with the mysterious feeling the city leaves you with when you walk out to the empty streets at 6 am with the first few cars quietly puffing along. At this hour, the most comforting thing is a bubbling kettle for tea, or perhaps the little tunes that simmer up inside as you scurry down a chilly sidewalk; both offer a much needed warmth, for which we are equally thankful and dependent upon.

The band recently opened for The Clientele when they played Toronto, which seems very appropriate.

Alison - Slowdive

Dream pop extraordinaire Slowdive's masterpiece Souvlaki (US, UK) has just been rereleased.


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