Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Watch me, please

I hate to encourage folks to watch bad T.V. But I have to give a shout-out to Fire Me Please, the best crappy reality show of the new summer season. The premise: Two people compete to see who can get fired their first day at a shitty, minimum wage job. The tricky part--getting the boot as close to 3 pm as possible without going past 3. This set-up encourages all kinds of wacky shenanigans--incessant whistling, hitting on customers, insulting the boss--that you wish you could do at your job. A rip-off of a British original, it has that really excellent low-budget vibe and feeling of cheesy desperation. Believe me, no one's going from here to appear on some "reality star" edition of Fear Factor.

Oh, and since I'm expected to post mp3s at this point, why not something from The Album Leaf. It's such an easy stab at credibility. (It was either that or Bullette, eh?)

Eastern Glow (mp3) from In A Safe Place


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