Sunday, June 12, 2005

Books and bands

I don’t, as a rule, like theme mixes. When I make mix CDs, I just use songs I like, songs I happen to be listening to at the time or songs I know the mix recipient will appreciate, arranged in a sonically interesting way. Otherwise, the temptation exists to include stuff that really isn’t that good—just because it fits the theme.

But I kind of had fun with that whole Six Feet Under/Los Angeles post last week. And since I spent yesterday at the Printer’s Row Book Fair, I started thinking about relatively newish bands/artists with book-related names.

Smells Like Content (mp3) – The Books from Lost and Safe

If Not Now, Whenever (mp3) – The Books

Munich (mp3) – The Editors

Bridge (mp3) – The Paperbacks from An Episode of Sparrows

Guy Debord Is Really Dead (mp3) – The Playwrights from Guy Debord Is Really Dead

Welcome To The Middle Ages (mp3) – The Playwrights

Since I Met You
(mp3) - Bookworm from Solos in Stereo

I really recommend the Playwrights stuff—reminds me of Mission of Burma.

Also, other bands with literary names (I'll add The Reivers, Boo Radleys and Heaven 17). And check out this list of literary songs.

So if you don’t live in Chicago (and care anyway), Printer’s Row is the Midwest’s largest outdoor book fair. I hadn’t been for a couple years, and it was more crowded and a lot hotter than I remember. It was tough getting to the book tables to browse, so the only thing I ended up buying was Dallas Doc—stories from a self-billed “cowboy vet” for my mom (she likes cowboys and anything to do with animals). The doc, David Carlton, was there to sign books in full cowboy gear (hat, vest, chaps, etc.) in 90 degree weather—but I guess if you’re from Texas you’ve gotta be used to it.


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