Monday, September 10, 2007

How life can sometimes be

Image: Katherine Chiu

Marry Me
- Jesus Licks

Not a cover of the St. Vincent song, this "Marry Me" is, however, as full of surprises: of whim and poesy and good old-fashioned English eccentricity. Dominique Golden sings with a fluttery lilt, like she grows tulips on her tongue and adorns her toes with rings. Like all that's needed to get married is a dress that's clean/for all to see, flowers, a white cake and a band perhaps. A band that threads a flute like gold silk through its nubby weave of acoustic guitar and drums. Except ... this may all be an elaborate fantasy, a daydream. When the song stops short at the altar before the vicar, part of you wonders if maybe this girl doesn't really know this groom-to-be. That if you said to this Mike or Nick or Oliver, "So, I heard you and Dominique are getting married," he might reply, "Dominique? You mean Dominique in accounting? The quiet one?"

Image: Katherine Chiu

The Highwayman - Jesus Licks

Would those backing vocals sound so strange and October-dusk spooky if the mundane clop-clop of the banjo wasn't throwing them into relief? And would her tap-tap (and the echoes) be as shivery, if Golden didn't sing her lines so dream-fogged and demure? An inventive take on the Alfred Noyes poem
, it leaves much of the narrative detail out and lets the mood tell the story. Even if you don't understand why a string is tied to a trigger and what the landlord's daughter has to do with a highwayman, you're certain that something bad and bloody is going down.

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