Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Leave nothing behind

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In the Human World - Magnolia Electric Co.

Right now I can think of no voice more comforting than Jason Molina's. Nothing so cool on a flushed forehead or as heavy as dusk or smooth and round as the stone you found that afternoon -- that last afternoon you and your father walked beside the lake. Remember? When you wore your tan moccasins and told knock-knock jokes, and the sky and the water were never so blue.

From Sojourner (Amazon, eMusic). Myspace.

From a Highway - Lovers

I might wish for a little more twang in Carolyn Berk's voice, a bit more crunchy country cadence to match the rock n' roll vigor. But the amount of highway is just right. The chugging drums, the squeal of violins, the convergent clamor of instruments (courtesy of friends from Phosphorescence and other bands) that almost shout Berk down. Like when you're sitting in the passenger seat and you start saying something important to the driver. Something you've been meaning to say for a long time, but haven't had the courage. And the hum and the warm of the engine, the sun streaking the glass, lull your lips to confession. But just then you're cut off mid-utterance by the roar of a passing 18-wheeler, and the moment is lost.

From Sleep with Heat on the lovely Athens, GA label Orange Twin (Amazon, eMusic). Myspace.


Blogger Ortho said...

"In the Human World" is a beautiful song. I'm going to purchase the CD today. Thanks for sharing the song!

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