Saturday, March 10, 2007

Cells to shimmer

Cranes for Peace
Image: Katherine Hayward

All the Night Without Love - Elvis Perkins

You listen to Elvis Perkins sing shame-filled sideglances, swigs of cheap whiskey, hands cupped around ashes:

We walk the aisles aimlessly
With our kills, painlessly

And we go all the night without love.
In the dark and lonely corners
Where we place our drive-thru orders
And we go all the night without love.

And you hear the way he drawls "all" like ahhh or awww, like a chronic ache. And how he pries "love" from his tongue, letter by letter, sticky and slow like a curse, like a taunt. And you learn his story (his real story), one that puts the lie to the thoughtless, irresponsible, everyday misspeaking of the word "tragic." And you think you know what this song is.

But it's not. Hear also the bulbous amble of double bass,
garrulous gypsy violin, grinning, chest-hugged ukelele (I think). And ever-present shaker. If you were to part the tapping feet and smash that shaker hard on the dance floor, crack it in half, its guts would spill confetti.

From Ash Wednesday (Amazon, eMusic).

Elvis Perkins' website. And Daytrotter session.


Anonymous carnationsmeanbreakup said...

i'd really like to know what kind of logic you use for picking photos to go with your posts. this is not a complaint. i like both the writing and the images quite a bit.

10:09 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

Sometimes I choose a word that seems central to the post and do a google image search or search one of the artist sites I like. Occasionally, that takes me to an image I like and can use, but more often than not it leads to something rather unrelated but more "right." This post is a good example. I searched an artist site for "confetti" and eventually came to this photograph of the peace cranes at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial. The look of confetti aside, it seemed right in that there's this riot of color and joy in what would seem to be a terrible place.

I'm trying to move away from posting band pics because they're usually so uninspired/uninspiring. And also because, I suppose, the way I write about music has less to do with the identity of the artists and more about my experience of the music. So the answer to your question is: my own nonsense logic.

11:45 AM  

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