Monday, February 26, 2007

Into the woods

Jill in Woods
Image: Amy Blakemore

Lost In Forests - Boduf Songs

Two Across the Mouth - Boduf Songs

Mat Sweet, who is Boduf Songs, plays and sings thresholds, the certain heres before the indefinite theres, the doorframes against which we slump in suspension against action. In "Lost In Forests," from his first album, he slow-plucks chords, lingers in long, almost uncomfortable pauses and thoughtful, drawn-out whispers. He deep-breathes inventories of the public sphere (the courthouse, the cemetery) and the private, erotic (touching skin on skin on skin on skin). He toes the spongy meadow floor before plunging headfirst into the woods. In "Two Across the Mouth," from Boduf Songs' second record, Sweet worries strings raw and may never act; he's imprisoned in a house built of mistakes, a house built by his own hands. As prisons almost always are.

From Boduf Songs (iTunes, eMusic) and Lion Devours the Sun (iTunes, eMusic)


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