Sunday, June 18, 2006

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I don't listen to Internet radio enough, but when I do--even for a few minutes--I always discover something I like. Yesterday (indoors, hiding from the midday heat), it was a Dressy Bessy song on Indie Pop Rocks!/Soma FM. I've been a little wary of the band, what with their costumey schtick and such. However, "I Saw Cinnamon" is just that perfect blend of bubblegum pop and punk growl.

I Saw Cinnamon - Dressy Bessy

From Sound Go Round (US, UK).

Then today I heard something from Deathray Davies and decided, hey, I like these guys too. But I wonder, would this song be anything without the horns?

The Fall Fashions - The Deathray Davies

From The Kick and the Snare (US, UK).

And on WOXY's June lineup of unsigned bands, The Saturday Nights (from Chicago) stand out. This hazy, rose-colored single "Stranded" comes from their Web site.

Stranded - The Saturday Nights

Speaking of Chicago music, I've been meaning to point you to an excellent free album download from Hummingbiird (yes, two i's). Formerly known as Pedal Steel Transmission, they made three records under the old name, and are offering their self-titled Hummingbiird debut free on their Web site. Often these kinds of deals are of dubious value, but the album is packed with wistful, melodic jangle and hum, rumble and roar. Highly recommended for disillusioned Wilco fans.

Lyme Disease - Hummingbiird

Whisper To Chlorine - Hummingbiird


Blogger Eric said...

Hummingbiird = super good. I think your idea of a Chicago blogger's podcast is a good one. I just need to round up enough people.

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