Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Cool grass

AM Interstate

Feeling kinda dirty after yesterday? Hmm, me too. Let's kick off our shoes and walk bare in the cool, wet, cleansing grass with A. M. Interstate, recent signee of Turquoise Mountain Records (crunchy offshoot of my fave power pop/psychedelic label, Rainbow Quartz). You'll have no trouble believing these plain-spoke, folk-rock tunes come from a bunch of Oregonians. Is it possible to hear the influence of purple mountain peaks and rushing creek water? I think so.

Neon River - A.M. Interstate

Golden Age - A.M. Interstate

From the forthcoming A.M. Interstate (June 27).

The band's Myspace.

And since it's been like, what, a couple weeks since I posted a Will Oldham cover:

Take However Long You Want - The Lesser Birds of Paradise

In other news, Contrast Podcast 11 is up and includes the worst bunch of songs I've ever had the misfortune to hear. But then, it's supposed to. The theme: "I'm the only one who likes this song." Check that dog track.


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