Thursday, May 18, 2006

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History of U.K. Underground Folk Rock 1968-1978, Vol. 2

Hold Them In Dub - Prince Jammy
More spartan than even many works of the skeletal school of King Tubby, Prince Jammy's remix of Leroy Smart's "Mr. Smart" is a heat stroke hallucination where bellowing bass, squelchy, water-logged chords, bamboo whip beats and skittering ghost vocals come and go, swell and recede with narcotic ease. But it doesn't lull to brain-baked complacence. No, it sharpens senses, pointing here, now there, feel this, listen to that!

From Dub Gone Crazy: The Evolution of Dub at King Tubby's 1975-1977 (US, UK).

Silent O'Moyl - Loudest Whisper
To like a song you sometimes have to toss genre baggage to the curb--life-scaring accidents with stoned acoustic-guitar slingers, a primal fear of flute solos and anything vaguely Jesus Christ Superstar. So hippie folk, rock opera, prog rock--bye bye! (Don't worry, I'll be back for ya later.) "Silent O'Moyl" is the lead number from the Irish folksters' 1973 spiritual Celtic rock opera "The Children of Lir" and though there's that queasy soup┬žon of longhaired psychedelia in the bendy guitars and that lifeless kick drum that never rises to competence, if you let up on your critical faculties just a tad, you're sold by the close harmonies of the final verse. You're a convert.

From History of UK Underground Folk Rock 1968-1978 Volume 2 (out of print) and The Children of Lir (US, UK).

As A Boy - Fort Lauderdale
Track 17 on disc 3 of Guided By Voices' 16th box set of rarities? Long-lost collaboration between Ray Davies and The Who with special guest Black Sabbath? No, just some London tricksters who should know that if consistency is a virtue, they're going straight to hell. Nothing I've heard from Fort Lauderdale sounds like anything else I've heard from Fort Lauderdale, and none of it sounds like what a band called Fort Lauderdale should sound like. No matter. A good tune, even if they are taking the piss.

From Memphis Industries' It Came From Memphis Too (eMusic)


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