Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Magnetism - Mint

Your Shopping Lists Are Poetry - Mint
I should have my cred revoked for liking this (if such a concept exists in an age of bands praying to get play on Grey's Anatomy and mp3 blogs that are just shiny knobs on the marketing machine). What can I say? I'm a pop girl. So I forgive Mint their cheeseball* filtered vox and silly little synth flourishes straight outta 1984 and concentrate on that glorious chorus. The one that punches you hard in the arm, but feels like a feather, the sentiment sappy, but oh so sweet. From The Magnetism of Pure Gold (US, UK).

Stay In Bed - Pilots of Japan
Amazing where links of links of links will take you. I tripped over Pilots of Japan somehow and feel fortunate to have paused in my Web trot to sample their wares. "Stay In Bed" starts a little ho-hum, though that big rolling bassline and twangy guitar suggests something sorta special's afoot. Not to mention its evergreen theme: the sheer hell of climbing out of bed in the morning and getting your sorry ass to work on time when you've got someone entreating you to linger longer. (John Donne wrote half a dozen hits of the 17th Century on the subject.) But where things get really interesting is at 1:14, when the band hunkers down and lights a fuse of glorious noise. And then they wrack up bonus points for going out like a plane taking off. From The Plan to Reverse Time (eMusic).

*Limburger, because the band is Belgian. Heh.


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