Saturday, January 21, 2006

Saturday night sounds good to me

Sting Ray Reflections - Dana Forrester
Artist: Dana Forrester

I'm in a power pop mood. Fortunate, because it's a genre that just screams Saturday night. As hokey and over-the-top as some of these songs can sound, they're never out of place blasting from car speakers when you're cruising along with the whole night and a luxurious work-free Sunday ahead of you.

Since I'm not feeling particularly verbose, check this power pop Wiki entry. I don't buy the Everly Brothers angle, but it's otherwise pretty decent.

Go All The Way - The Raspberries

Neverland - The dB's

Underwhelmed - Sloan

Survival Car - Fountains of Wayne

Town Halo - A.C. Newman


Anonymous Anonymous said...

O my soul, I love "Neverland" so much. Thank you for posting it -- jonhope

9:09 AM  

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