Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Galactic Heroes

Every Sidewalk

Ricky and Mike, the two main Galactic Heroes live about as geographically distant as is possible from one another--Oregon and South Carolina--and still call the continental U.S. home. That may explain why they sound like they're having so much fun when they actually get together (none of those familiarity breeding contempt issues to contend with). I know I often refer to music as catchy. This time I really mean it. Insanely catchy, infectious as the nasty bugs those blasted little brats (I mean, precious children) sneezed and coughed throughout my airplane cabin yesterday.

"George Washington" is a little treat for all the grade school and American history teachers out there. Bring it into class and the kids will think you're completely cool . . . or the biggest geek. One or the other. Hell, even non-Americans will get behind the chorus:

G, G, G, G, G, G, General Washington,
We'd like for you to be our first president!

George Washington - The Galactic Heroes

Then there's the band's Monster Song Project, an, um, interesting album devoted to monsters and other scary individuals (Big Foot, Dracula, Headless Horseman) that sounds like it was written and recorded in an afternoon. You can download songs like this from their Web site (look under Releases):

King Kong - The Galactic Heroes

Lest you think The Galactic Heroes are just a They-Might-Be-Giants-meets-Schoolhouse-Rock novelty act, they also have some low(er) key songs. "Cherokee" and "Wonderful" remind me what a happy instrument the banjo can be. "Save It For A Rainy Day" is good in the way brief, simple, unpretentious indie pop songs can be.

Cherokee - The Galactic Heroes (highly recommended)

Wonderful - The Galactic Heroes

Save It For A Rainy Day - The Galactic Heroes

The band's latest album is Every Sidewalk (US, UK) on Magic Marker.


Blogger c said...

i know a 4-year old who just may need to hear this. these guys are indeed catchy...thanks for the tip.

10:03 AM  
Blogger D said...

Ah, wonderful, right in line with some good Elephant 6 music-Cool stuff and nice spot!

5:08 PM  
Anonymous yanaita said...

thank you so much to leave monsters express themselfs ! i 'm a big fan of king kong!
told my mum to make chidrens dance on it (she's a teacher) and they 're going mad
thank you for your wonderfullcrazy music

2:15 AM  

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