Sunday, December 18, 2005

Next week + Richard Swift

We're working diligently on our 2005 best-ofs. Troy posts his favorite albums tomorrow, I post albums on Tuesday, songs on Wednesday, Jon may or may not do something.

In the meantime . . . Richard Swift. A relatively new artist, Secretly Canadian released his Richard Swift Collection, Vol. 1 (a compilation of two self-released albums) several months ago. But Swift sounds like he's been around for years--80 years. He was there: seducing flappers in jazz clubs with bathtub gin cocktails in 1927, organizing Hollywood cabaret shows for the war effort in 1943, smoking pot with Harry Nilsson and Jackson Browne in Topanga canyon in 1974. A man out of time.

"The Novelist" is highly recommended.

The Novelist - Richard Swift

Lovely Night - Richard Swift

As I Go - Richard Swift


Blogger Moka said...

Beautiful tunes! Thank u.
I like the way the sound like recorded in an old can.

11:15 AM  

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