Thursday, December 29, 2005

End-of-year clearance

End of the year means I'm clearing out the cache of music I've meant to blog about, but somehow haven't. Expect more like this in days to come. Not chaff. Not dregs. Not slag. Good stuff! Promise.

Funeral - Band of Horses
I adore this song, reluctantly. It has the kind of earnest dirge-like pacing, "emo" singing too prominent in the mix and frequent crescendo/decrescendo dynamics that make me feel manipulated. (Not surprisingly, these guys are being hyped as Sub Pop's next big thing.) But I've listened to "Funeral" maybe 25-30 times now and it hasn't stopped thrilling me yet. See the band's Web site for more downloads.

Lesley Parlafitt - Bromheads Jacket
Have I ever mentioned how much I love short songs, really, really short songs? "Leslie Parlafitt" comes in at 1:24, but in that brief time unleashes a breathless burst of garage-punk energy, tells a familiar story about a girl, a boy and a pub in a small town in a fresh way. Oh, and it somehow squeezes in a singalong chorus of sha-la-las. An extremely promising band from Sheffield, England, you can download another Bromheads Jacket track here. I'll be watching these kids in 2006.

Barstools and Landmines (live) - Hubcap
Listen before a roaring winter fire on the coldest night. The magic's in the storytelling and sad "Here Comes A Regular" resignation. And this: Love of language and a gentle swaying tune can assuage other hurts. At least you won't be bored. More good roots rock downloads at the upstate New York band's Web site.

Asleep In The Already Known - Horns of Happiness
At first it's a familiar sound--the drum roll and heavily fuzzed vocals a la Aeroplane Over The Sea. Then abruptly, a change of direction: A jagged acoustic interlude. Again a left turn: An electronic jam. Finally, guitar squall and toms. This dream courtesy of yet another member of the Impossible Shapes talent factory (See: John Wilkes Booze, Normanoak, Magnolia Electric Co., Coke Dares).


Blogger D said...

just when I thought I had listened to everything new and still stuff I missed, awesome!

12:15 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

The Hubcap you posted about is not this one that played around Chicago during the 90's. I'll post a link back to your blog.

7:09 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

Eric, I have to say, the words "spazz-noise-art-punk" frighten me a little. Mostly the spazz part.

3:45 PM  

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